Former ACT Tour and multi-time Thunder Road Champion, Phil Scott of Montpelier, VT joins four-time and defending ACT Tour champ Jean-Paul Cyr, as the second U.S. representative in the World Championship F1 Stock Car race on Saturday, September 17. Scott and Cyr will join invited competitors from Australia, New Zealand, Belgium and Holland.

Drivers from the UK earn a starting position in the Championships through a system of qualifying rounds held early in the season. The top 40 aggregate points scorers then enter two separate semi-final events. The top ten finishers transfer into the World Championship and will be lined up on the World Championship starting grid according the to way they finish the semi-final.
The ACT competitors and their international counterparts will be seeded into the grid in pre-determined positions. Each will participate in a Saturday afternoon time trial session. The fastest guest driver will earn the highest available spot, which is in the third row.
Sanctioned by BriSCA (British Stock Car Association), the World Championship F1 is the `blue ribbon' of stock car racing in Britain and according to their website, "represents the pinnacle of oval racing success. The 2005 event will take place at the quarter-mile, almost flat, asphalt oval in Northampton. It will be first time the facility has hosted the World Championship.
Scott and Cyr will have some adjustments to make If they hope to have success. The all steel, heavily armoured F1 car, which, in some ways, resembles an asphalt modified, weighs between 2977 and 3307 lbs, which is similar to an ACT car. When Cyr saw the rules he commented, "I want to get one of the heavy ones! A major difference for the pair will be the car's Chevrolet engine and its 500-600 hp - almost twice the amount of an ACT Chevrolet ZZ4 `Spec' engine. Fortunately for both drivers each has experience on his résumé behind the wheel of a more powerful machine.
Apparently, in deference to driver safety, the races are contested in a counter-clockwise direction at the tracks in the UK as they are in the US. Unlike at most racing facilities in the US, front to rear contact between cars is allowed. The BriSCA site describes it as these 1500 kg motorized leviathans have the mandate to forceably remove slower cars from the racing line whilst engaging in a multiple lap challenge that goes beyond conventional motor sport.
Scott, Cyr and the international contingent get their first look at their cars at a practice session and media day on Friday, September 16 at the Northampton facility.