An inventive program is in place for American Canadian Tour (ACT) Late Model drivers not making the field in any or all three main events of the upcoming ACTion Super Series. Dozens of cars are expected to make qualifying attempts for the three $10,000 to win races, but only a limited number of starting spots are available. Instead of sending the non-qualifiers home, however, the Bond/Auto Wix Reserve Champion program is in place for the Series events.

Drivers who do not make the field through heat races or the consolation round during the Series will move to the B, C, or D features depending on their finishes in the heats. Then, each sub feature will continually funnel the group down until the last chance B feature rounds out the main event grid. Ordinarily, drivers who don't make the main feature go home empty handed. That's not the case in the Super Series.
The Reserve Champion program awards points and dollars to drivers for the B and C features, with $5,300 in posted awards for the C feature and $7,665 worth of prize money to be distributed for the B. At the end of the year a $10,000 point fund will be awarded to eligible drivers, with $1,500 going to the winner.
"I actually think it's a great idea," remarked Rusty Berger of Williston, VT, about the program. Berger, a weekly Thunder Road racer who plans on being at the two Super Series events there, explained, "I'm a new driver with a fairly inexperienced crew, we're not one of the front runners right now but we'll get there. (The Reserve Champion program) gives guys like us a chance to be competitive."
As another added twist, drivers eligible for each subsequent race through their performance in the B and C sub features have the option of not taking their spot in that next race, for their winnings could decrease drastically. For instance, the B feature pays $1,000 to the winner, and he or she would be in good standing in the Reserve Champion points should they take this option. The money and points don't roll over from one race to the next though, so if the B feature winner takes their spot in the main but has trouble and finishes 30th, their take would be just $430 and they would receive no Reserve Champion points. It's all a game of strategy that should add even more excitement to the Super Series events.
"I'm thinking that anybody that wins the B feature or C feature is going to take their money and run," said ACT Tour competitor Dan Colby of Lyman, N.H. "Maybe they'll work a little harder next time but to win $1000 rather than start last in the feature and get (less money) will be a good day for them."
Of course Colby and Berger hope along with all the others though that they'll be easily qualified for the main and won't have to consider this option.
The ACTion Super Series is made up of three of the final four events of the 2005 season. With over $200,000 in prizes and awards available, the Series helps to celebrate the 20th birthday of ACT. The festivities kick off with the Bond Auto Labor Day Classic 200 at Thunder Road in Barre, VT, on Sunday, September 4. Three week later, the Series resumes at Lee USA Speedway in Lee, NH, with the Re/Max Alliance National 150 on Sunday, September 25. Finally, the Super Series, the ACT schedule, and Thunder Road's 2005 season conclude with the New England Dodge Dealers Milk Bowl back at the Road on Sunday, October 2.