Fans Cram Downtown Barre for Car Show
Saturday morning, Barre City was the place to be if you were a Vermotn stock car racing fan. The American-Canadian Tour (ACT) and Thunder Road, a high banked, quarter mile oval stage the annual right of spring with an event was supported by 110 race cars and a plethora of people as witnessed by this photo.

In addition to the usual car show happenings, there were four different characters roaming about for the kids to enjoy, lots of give-aways and the Vermont Frost Heaves Pist Stop Challenge. Six teams - four made up of racers and crew members as well as a team each from Barre City and Barre Town.

Participating race teams included Allen Lumber Street Stock driver and defending Pit Stop Challenge winner, Joel Hodgdon. Minutes before the event, The teen-aged driver was still recruiting people to be ion his team. As the defending NAPA Tiger Sportsman King of th Road, Shawn Fleury and team also partook in the festivities. Cris Michaud, two-time defending and three time "King of thg Road" participated for hte first time. Jean-Paul Cyr and crew also enlisted in the roll play

Thunder Road is located within the confines of Barre Town. Their team members included Town Manager Carl Roberts, Chief of Polie, Mike Stevens, two select board members, Chip Castle and Doug Farnham as well as Fire Chief Cheis Violette.

Holding up the honor of City residents wee Mayor, City Manager Robin Bennett,; School Safety Officier, Jason Fleury, Building & Housing Director, Robbie Strachan and Washington County State Senator.

Running second in the order, the Barre Town group set a blistering pace. Competing further down in the order, Hodgdon's mismatched team bettered the fast time by one second. Neither group had penalties for loose lug nut or other infractions.

From their prime viewing location during the earlier rounds, Cyr's championship winning team discussed strategy following each of the others' turns. But it turned out to be all for naught as a couple of loose lug nuts added time penalties to their performance.

Hodgdon was a bit surprised at his repeat victory and claimed that as gounger guys, they were more flexable.