The ACT Tour's RE/MAX 100 at New Hampshire's Lee USA Speedway has been pushed back two days, it was announced on Friday, May 5. Originally scheduled for Friday, May 19, the event will now be contested on Sunday, May 21. Post time will be 2:00 pm. The pit gates will open for competitiors at 9:00 am. Practice starts at 12 noon.

The ACT Tour has a history of highly competitive races at the 3/8ths mile semi-banked paved oval. At recent events, huge car counts have made qualifying action all the more intense for the competitors. Nearly 40 cars have already entered the RE/MAX 100.

ACT's "Plus/Minus" handicap system, which rewards drivers for passing cars in the qualifying heat races, has been praised by drivers for leveling out the playing field. Thirty cars will take the green in the Sunday, May 21 RE/MAX 100.