Three former winners of the legendary Oxford 250 at Maine’s Oxford Plains Speedway have entered and plan to attempt to qualify for the American-Canadian Tour’s (ACT) “La Mega Classique” at Quebec’s Sanair Super Speedway. The event, which will pay a minimum of $10,000 to the winner, is slated for Saturday, July 8 and Sunday, July 9.

An impressive six “250” wins spanning more than 20 years are represented by the three competitors. Turner, Maine’s Mike Rowe, has three Oxford victories to his credit (1984, 1997 and 2005), as well as considerable experience at the Sanair tri-oval. His son, 31 year-old Ben, who has not raced at the 7/8ths mile track, won back-to-back 250’s in 2003-2004. Derek Lynch, from Warkworth, ONT, claimed the event at the Maine 3/8ths mile oval in 1994. Like the elder Rowe, Lynch has extensive seat time at the St. Pie, Qc speedplant.

The 35 year-old Lynch reports he’s been shaking down a new car from the Delaware, ONT based McColl Racing Enterprises shop. “I’m hoping by the time the Mega Classic rolls around we’ll have things sorted out. I’ve raced at Sanair enough in the past so I should be comfortable with the speeds. For those who are uninitiated with the place, the speeds might be a little intimidating,” he predicted. “The Goodyear tire should work well – it’s narrower than what I used to run there back in the 90’s, but these ACT Late Models have less horsepower which should be a good trade off. The key to being successful at Sanair is getting through the tri-oval,” he added.

Even though Rowe, the 1984 ACT Champion, doesn’t have a lot of experience behind the wheel of ACT Late Model with its crate engine and spec shock absorber package, the 55 year-old racer does have more than 30 years competition from which to draw.

Ben Rowe, also from Turner, ME, has competed in several ACT Tour events already this season. “The cars are fun to drive and the tire works great, “ the younger Rowe commented on the 8” tire Goodyear developed for ACT. “I’ve had to adjust my driving style just a little since the engine has less horse power than other cars I drive. You really have to make sure your car’s set up to get the most out of it,” he said. As for Sanair, the second generation driver remarked that he’ll follow some of the drivers with previous experience, including his father, at the flat tri-oval during the early practice sessions as he tries to find the line that will work for him. “Going to new tracks keeps it interesting,” he finished.

To date, more than 40 drivers have entered “La Mega Classique” which has a purse of more than $70,000. The winner will take home a minimum of $10,000.
For more information contact the ACT office at 802-244-6963