ACT Tour

Pit Notes from Lee USA Speedway 4/19/09


  • Yesterday 45 cars took advantage of the two one-hour practice sessions at Lee USA Speedway in Lee, NH. The practice served as a test and tune for today’s New Hampshire Governor’s Cup 150. As drivers shook off the rust from a long winter, they appeared to get comfortable and became racier as the day went on. There were few wrecks or issues throughout the day.
  • Among the fastest cars of the day was Lee regular Bryan Kruczek of Newmarket, NH. He was fast right out of the trailer and spent the majority of his time on the high side of the track. Throughout the day non-Lee regulars attempted to mimic his line and find the fast way around.
  • Also near the top of the speed charts was five-time ACT Tour Champion Brian Hoar in the #37 Rick Paya machine. Hoar has signed on for the full 2009 season after several years’ absence. Paya and Hoar will be a strong team as Paya has also won several Tour championships with his previous driver, Jean-Paul Cyr.
  • Tour full-timer Jeff Zuidema had a rough start to the season. His first practice session ended early when he broke a push rod. They pulled the motor at the track and trucked it to Dave McMaster’s shop about two hours away. The repair took four hours and the crew had it back at the track first thing this morning. They are currently re-installing the motor and should be ready in time for practice.
  • One of the two accidents of the day involved Pete Potvin on the first lap of the final practice. Potvin appeared to get loose coming off turn four before overcorrecting and hitting the wall nose first at the flag stand. He was able to drive away with no serious damage. The only casualty was his bumper, which had to be cut off and welded back on. He will be ready for today’s race.
  • The second incident of the day occurred when Joey Laquerre broke a tie rod and tangled with Travis Stearns. Stearns suffered only cosmetic damage while Laquerre’s only damage was the tie rod. This accident ended the day’s practice. Both Stearns and Laquerre are expected to be fixed before post time.
  • James Linardy also had some issues yesterday. They too had to pull the motor to make a repair. The problem has been fixed and they are ready to race.
  •  The anticipation is mounting for today’s New Hampshire Governor’s Cup 150 as the 45 or more drivers will battle for 30 qualifying spots.
  • Today the pit gate opens at 9 a.m., front gate opens at 10 a.m. Practice will begin at 12 noon with post time at 1 p.m. It is currently sunny with no clouds in the sky and no threat of rain for the day.