ACT Tiger Sportsmen Tri-State Series

Friday, August 14 2009 @ 05:13 AM EDT

Contributed by: ACT Staff

Shawn Duquette Takes Tiger Tri-State Series Title

Shawn Fleury Wins Tiger Sportsmen ACE Hardware 100 at Thunder Road

Shawn Duquette of Morrisonville, NY survived a ride on Thunder Road’s infamous “Widowmaker” during the third and final Tiger Sportsmen Tri-State Series 100 to unofficially clinch the title. Duquette won the first to Tri-State Series races at Airborne Speedway and Canaan Fair Speedway on his way to building up a 22 point lead in the championship point standings. Just under halfway through the 100 lap feature that lead disappeared as he wrecked just after the start-finish line.

At that point Jason Bonnett took over the point lead and only needed to finish in the top nine if Duquette didn’t return.
After about 20 laps of hardwork by his crew, Duquette was able to return to the race and pick up several more valuable spots. In the end it was just enough as Duquette tied with Bonnett with Duquette winning the tie breaker because of his previous two wins. 

Shawn Fleury of Middlesex, VT took home the win in the ACE Hardware Tri-State 100 after an intense battle with Derrick O’Donnell. O’Donnell would hold on for second followed by Jimmy Hebert, Brendan Moodie and Scott Coburn rounding out the top five.

In Late Model action Nick Sweet of Barre scored his first career victory in a Late Model stock car. He was chased to the line by Jamie Fisher, Cris Michaud, Phil Scott and point leader Jean-Paul Cyr to complete the top five. Dave Pembroke, who was in second place in the championship point standings headed into the night, took a rough ride off the top of turn two and finished 25th.

The Allen Lumber Street Stocks and the Power Shift Junkyard Warriors are running together once again. Lincoln’s Gary Bashaw captured the win for the Street Stocks followed by Dave Whitcomb and Tucker Williams. Donnie Yates of North Montpelier was the top finishing Warrior, while Kevin Dodge and Kevin Streeter finished second and third.

Thunder Road International Speedbowl will be back in action tomorrow night (Friday, August 14) for the second part of the doubleheader. Post time is 6:00 pm for the regular four divisions plus a 50’s/60’s Sock Hop with hoola-hoop contest, costume contest and dance contest in the pits immediately following the races.


Tiger Sportsmen Tri-State Series 100 Results

Pos         Car #      Driver

1              31           Shawn Fleury

2              68VT      Derrick O'Donnell

3              58           James Hebert

4              94           Brendan Moodie

5              1              Scott Coburn

6              79           Jason Bonnett

7              37           David Finck

8              15           Joey Laquerre

9              89           Ray Stearns

10           10           Josh Demers

11           04           Eric Badore

12           32           Erik Steel

13           36           Joel Hodgdon

14           8              Mike Billado

15           19vt       Neal Foster

16           57           Howard Stoner

17           82           Toby Ebersole

18           09           Joey Becker

19           21           Kevin Godfrey

20           18ny      Shawn Duquette

21           0              Mark Barnier

22           00vt       Joe Steffen

23           16           George May

24           18vt       Lance Allen

25           59           Skip Liberty

26           55           Brian Delphia

27           84           Richard LaFond


Late Model Unofficial Feature Results

Pos         Car #      Driver

1              88           Nicholas Sweet

2              18           Jamie Fisher

3              6              Cris Michaud

4              14           Phil Scott

5              11vt       Jean-Paul Cyr

6              05           Craig Bushey

7              40vt       Eric Chase

8              75           Pete Fecteau

9              12vt       Reno Gervais

10           74           Jerry Lesage

11           87           Cal Poulin

12           81           Grant Folsom

13           8vt          Rich Lowrey

14           68           Brooks Clark

15           85           Trampas Demers

16           25           David Whitcomb

17           16           Joe Becker

18           1              Tony Andrews

19           24           Steve Fisher

20           00           Mike Bailey

21           89           Scott Payea

22           4              Doug Murphy

23           34           Dylan Smith

24           26vt       John Donahue

25           44           Dave Pembroke

26           42vt       Matt White


Allen Lumber Street Stock and Power Shift Warriors Unofficial Feature Results

Pos         Car #      Driver

1              92ss       Garry Bashaw

2              77ss       Dave Whitcomb

3              99ss       #Tucker Williams

4              06ss       Michael Moore

5              3ss          Michael MacAskill

6              30ss       Lloyd Blakely

7              38ss       Greg Adams Jr.

8              68ss       Bruce Melendy

9              61ss       Jason Corliss

10           50ss       Tommy Smith

11           39ss       Troy Kingsbury

12           83ss       Bunker Hodgdon

13           16ss       #Justin Gay

14           01ss       Mike Martin

15           29ss       Gary Mullen

16           51ss       #Danny Doyle

17           24ss       Marvin Johnson

18           11ss       David Allen

19           34ss       Timmy Campbell

20           43ss       #Jamie Davis

21           6ss          #Daniel Lathrop

22           05jyw    Donny Yates

23           8jyw      Kevin Dodge

24           61jyw    Kevin Streeter

25           52jyw    Lance Donald

26           80jyw    Bryan Nykiel

27           35jyw    Keith Fortier

28           25ss       Jennifer Getty

29           09ss       #Amanda Habel

30           59ss       Scott Maynard