ACT Late Model All-Star Challenge at NHMS

The American Canadian Tour (ACT) announced today the criteria and format for the first NHMS - ACT All Star event to be held at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway (NHMS) over the weekend of August 12-13, 2011.
The event will be presented as part of the announced INDY weekend at the region’s largest sporting facility, and only super speedway. The NASCAR Whelen Modified Division will join the ACT Late Models as part of an “ALL STAR” weekend for short track, featuring full-fendered ACT Late Models and the open-wheeled NASCAR Modifieds.
The American Canadian Tour Late Models are the most popular stock car division racing in the Northeast at a premiere weekly level, competing at twelve (12) weekly short tracks in the region, and also on two of the most popular touring series in the northeast: the ACT US Tour in New England and New York, and ACT Serie CASTROL Edge, throughout the Province of Quebec.
Tom Curley, President of the American Canadian Tour said, “We want as many Late Model teams to be able to compete at NHMS for this event as possible. It is great that Jerry Gappens, Vice President and General Manager of NHMS has enough confidence in our Late Model teams to offer us this opportunity. We have tried to develop the safest and most competitive set of criteria for racing at NHMS, based on our “ACT Invitational” experience over the past couple years. The goal is to allow as many teams and fans as possible the unique chance to race and enjoy short track type racing at the Magic Mile.”

The event will be based on the ACT sanctioning body’s short track formula using the handicap system for starting spots, heat races, ‘Last Chance’ events, double segments with inversion for the final segment.
“We hope many of the short track fans from around the region will plan to spend the weekend at NHMS. This format will be the most unique format for a division ever to participate at a Super Speedway. We think it will be very exciting for both the competitors and fans. We have also tried to keep the event with some cost constraints, which is in keeping with the philosophy of the American Canadian Tour Late Model program throughout the region,” concluded Curley.
Many of the ACT affiliate tracks have redesigned their 2011 Late Model schedules to allow their competitors to compete in this first-time event at the NHMS. The following is a brief outline of the criteria for participation in the first ever race of its kind at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway on August 12th and 13th:
          1. ACT ‘affiliate’ tracks are:  Thunder Road, White Mountain Motorsports Park, Oxford Plains Speedway, Seekonk Speedway, Waterford Speedbowl, Twin State Speedway, Kawartha Speedway, Capital City Speedway, Riverside Speedway (NH), Canaan Fair Speedway, Devil’s Bowl Speedway, Albany Saratoga Speedway, ACT US, and ACT Castrol EDGE Serie.
                                a) All cars competing from any of the above must be 100% ACT legal---no exceptions.
                                    [note: a driver gaining eligibility in a non-ACT legal car will not be allowed to compete in a ‘borrowed’ ACT car]
                                b) Championship points will be issued for both the ACT US, and Castrol Edge Series.
                                c) Only one (1) car per driver will be entered. Second cars will not be allowed. Drivers must start the race in their own
                                     cars from the
first competitive (non-practice) green flag.
                2. Who can enter?
                                a) Any driver who has competed in an ACT Invitational at NHMS over the past two seasons will be eligible to file entry
                                    for the NMHS 
ALL Star Late Model Challenge…
                                b) Any driver who attended an ACT ‘test and tune’ session at the NHMS over the past two years will be eligible to file
                                    entry for the
                                c) Weekly drivers from any of the above ‘affiliate’ tracks who are in the top 15 in point standings* or have been in the
                                     top 15 in point
standings in the 2009 and/or 2010 seasons who receive approval from local track officials and 
                                     management and final
approval from ACT management and officials will be eligible to file entry for the NHMS ACT
                                     ALL STAR CHALLENGE.
                                *[MUST BE IN THE TOP 15 IN STANDINGS AS OF MONDAY, JULY 18, 2011]
                                d) Various drivers who do not meet the above weekly track criteria, but who have participated on either the ACT US
                                     or Castrol Edge
Series from time to time over the past few years are eligible to file entries for approval to
                                     compete in the NHMS ACT ALL STAR
                TEST AND TUNE
                There has been a TEST and TUNE scheduled for NHMS for ACT Late Model teams for Tuesday, August 2, 2011.
1.       ALL teams that enter the NHMS ACT ALL STAR CHALLENGE TIMELY are eligible to practice during this Test and Tune date ONLY.
2.   Attendance for any ACT teams who have participated in a previous ACT test and tune session and/or a previous ACT Invitational at NHMS in 2009 or 2010 will be optional.
3.   It is MANDATORY that any teams who have not competed with ACT at either a test and tune session at NHMS or competed in an ACT Invitational at NHMS, and who have entered the NHMS ACT Late Model Challenge attend the scheduled practice session. There will be safety checks and monitoring of those teams before the entry will be accepted for the August 12-13 event.
     There will be a limit of (4) tires (2 LS and 2 RS) used for the Friday qualifying. Additional tires may be purchased up to a maximum of four (2 LS and 2 RS) on Saturday for qualified teams. Any NHMS LS tires may be used in future ACT Tour events, as long as they are placed in impound (tire trucks) at the conclusion of either Friday or Saturday or both. Note: RS units are used only at NHMS. All tires, including practice tires, must be balanced. ACT will make an effort to get practice tires to be used race weekend balanced for as many teams as possible at the Test and Tune session on August 2, 2011, or at Thunder Road August 7th and 11th.
                FORMAT (Specific times and details to be mailed to Late Model teams at a later date)
                                                                [subject to change]
                Friday, August 12
                                Morning - Registration, inspection, practice
                                Afternoon – Heats, Late Chance events
                                Heat Draw
                                                Three (3) Heat races
                                                                20 miles each—Q (8) to ACT +/- plus-minus system
                                                Two (2) Last Chance races
                                                                20 miles each ---Q (7)… (3) to heat +/- ..bal (4) heads up
                                Field will be filled with (2) provisional’s for 100% ACT US teams; (2) provisional’s for Castrol Edge 100% Series teams; (2) provisional’s for the highest qualifiers from weekly tracks (top 15) based on highest finishes from each of the two Last Chance events.  [provisionals will be equally given to each Last Chance event…three each]
                Saturday, August 13
                                Morning – Registration, inspection, practice
                                Afternoon - ACT Segment one from Heats/Last Chance
                                                        Indy qualifying
                                                        NASCAR Whelan Modified Feature
                                                        Inverted final ACT Segment
                PURSES (proposed TOTAL) $122,998.00(includes contingencies)
                Heats: $24,390.00 proposed purse for three heats EACH (3):
                1) 400 2) 360 3) 350 4) 340 5) 330 6) 320 7) 315 8) 310 9) 305 10) 300 11) 280
                12) 260 13) 240 14) 220 15) – 33) 200 ea
                Last Chance races: $26,630.00 proposed purse for two Last Chance races EACH (2):
                1) 700 2) 650 3) 600 4) 550 5) 500 6) 480 7) 460 8) 440 9) 420 10) 400 11) 380
                12) 360 13) 350 14) 345 15) 335 16) 325 17) 320 18) 315 19) 310 20) 305 21) 300 22) 295
                23) 290 24) 285 25) 280 26) 275 27) 270 28) 265 29) 260 30) – 38) 250 ea
                FEATURE (combo two segments) $62,730.00
·         $5000 to win, $1000 for 44th
·         44 starting positions TOTAL
      BONUS: The top ACT US team, the top ACT Castrol Edge Serie team, and the top qualified weekly finisher from all entrants (top 15 points), not including eventual track champion, will be guaranteed starters in the September 24th third annual ACT Invitational at NHMS.