Tech Memo
Date:             Wednesday, December 14, 2012
ACT and Thunder Road Int’l Speedbowl have released the 2012 rules for two of the four divisions that the track will have competing in 2012.
“We have tried to keep our rule changes in the Streets and Tigers to a minimum for the coming season.  Actually, we have made virtually no rules changes for the Bond Auto Tiger Sportsman division, which fortunately has been the case for the past several seasons. The Allen Lumber Street Stock division has a few ‘clean up rules’, but for the most part will remain as it has been for many years with one exception. We are encouraging more foreign cars to enter the division,” said Dean Gallison, the Director of Competition for Thunder Road and the American Canadian Tour.
Tom Curley, Promoter of Thunder Road and President of the American Canadian Tour said, “We are taking a lot longer than usual to get our Late Model rules out for 2012. We have had a lot of discussions about how Late Model racing has evolved over the past decade. We have concluded that we need to try and get back to more of the core values and original business model that we started with this division back in the mid-nineties.

We need to identify if we might have strayed a bit from our mission statement when we started serious touring back in 2000.
We still place a high priority on making sure the network of tracks we are affiliated with continue to have success with their weekly Late Model programs, while still providing special Tour events for the many regional teams who enjoy participating in that kind of racing.
This is reflected in how we schedule our events. We conscientiously book the large majority of our US Tour events in the early and late part of the regional race season. That allows teams to continue to support their weekly tracks during the height of the season, the summer months, or from Memorial Day to Labor Day. It also provides a perfect opportunity for us to book the majority of our Castrol Series events in Quebec during those months,” Curley concluded.

            1. New Five Star S2 Sportsman Bodies will not be approved after 2012
            2. Minimum weight ALL: 3000 lbs (changed from 3100 lbs.)
            1. Ford Escort weight changed from 2400 lbs. to 2350 lbs
            2. Any 16 valve, D.O.H.C. cars will be allowed, with minimum wheelbase of 87” to a maximum of 104” from 103”.
            3. No relief valves or ‘bleeders’ allowed (new)
            4. (1) piece 1/8th RR wheel spacer allowed on FWD cars only. (new)
            5. Only one (1) aftermarket rear view mirror allowed and mounted in approved location. (new)
            6. DELETE: It is REQUIRED that all Street Stocks paint their car roof “Thunder Road Green” with car number applied in contrasting color.
            There will be no Junkyard Warrior division at Thunder Road in 2012.
            Rules and procedures for the proposed new “ROUGH RIDER DIVISION” will be announced after the first of the New Year.

Rules and updates for the ACT Late Models for both weekly racers and touring race teams are still being analyzed and discussed. We hope to have the updated completed rules out before the end of the month.
Some of the items being worked on during this off season include:
·         2800 lbs. weight rule change
·         57% Left Side rule
·         Halo and chassis 1”off set compliance
·         Complete Ford rule official documentation
·         Frame height construction
·         Fender rules
·         Transmission inspection procedures and sealing potential
·         Muffler rule modification
·         Shock adjusters
·         Koni Bumps
·         Weight distribution location allowance
·         Rear end inspection procedures
·         Engine height inspection procedures
·         Tech weight inspection procedures post heat, post feature
·         Testing policy for teams
·         Fuel policy and enforcement
·         Necessity of friction parts control
It is the hope and intent that we can continue to keep the region’s Late Model division the most cost effective of any premiere division in the country. The majority of the items being addressed above will not add costs to teams, but will hopefully provide a more level playing field for all teams that participate on a weekly and /or touring schedule for the upcoming season.
The plan is for ACT officials to visit the majority of builders, parts, and transmission shops within the next week, and re-state what ACT would like to have from builders and suppliers to keep the growth and competition at the level which we feel in is the best interest of ALL the competitors who choose to compete in an ACT type Late Model program.
Thanks for your continued patience, interest, and support.