Polewarczyk Picked Top 25 in Speed 51 Short Track Draft

Polewarczyk Picked Top 25 in Speed 51 Short Track Draft, a national racing news site, has named American Canadian Tour star Joey Polewarczyk, Jr. of Hudson, NH one of the top 25 short track drivers in the country according to their 2012 Short Track Draft. This marks the third year in a row that Polewarczyk has made the prestigious list.

The racing news website touted Pole’s resume on the ACT tour stating, "Pole has won countless races in the American Canadian Tour Late Models that dominate parts of the Northeast. The series is very challenging and offers a strong front to build off as 30-plus cars show up to run each week, with the bigger shows drawing 40 or more with international flavor."

Polewarczyk, who is coming off a strong second place finish at Devil’s Bowl Speedway last weekend, was ecstatic to hear the news.

"That list is everybody in the country really, so it means a lot. To be on the same list of drivers with guys like Bubba Pollard and all those guys, 25th is really an honor. It really speaks for our ACT team. It’s not just good for me, it’s good for everybody," said Polewarczyk.

When asked about how it changes his confidence level for the rest of 2012, he stood by his team.

"Honestly it doesn’t change anything. This whole year we’ve been looking at races differently. I feel like every race this year we’ve had a shot at winning. At Lee I made a mistake, at Thunder Road we pitted at the wrong time, and we were so close at Devil’s Bowl. Our team looks good, everyone is happy. We just go out there every week to try to win those races," finished Polewarczyk.

Polewarczyk will continue his journey to become the next American Canadian Tour Champion at Oxford Plains Speedway in Oxford, ME for the Oxford 150 on Sunday, May 20. Post time is 1:00.


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