Unbuckled: Getting To Know Brent Dragon

Unbuckled: Getting To Know Brent Dragon

Driver of the #55VT Beverage Mart Chevrolet

Hometown: Milton, VT

2012: Finished 5th overall on the American Canadian Tour.

What are your favorite hobbies in the offseason?

Oh, I hunt pretty much the whole time.  Already got a couple of deer this year, two 8-pointers but no big ones.  Yet! 

What is your biggest life accomplishment, would you say?

I’ve had pretty much a high school education, and I’ve made it to being a sales manager for Charlebois freightliner.  It took a lot of years and hard work to get to that position and I enjoy it a lot.

Big Plans for 2013?

Not sure right now.  Thinking about the Tour and/or possibly Thunder Road.  I’ve been gone for three weeks hunting, so I haven’t thought much about it yet. I’ve got to sit down with my crew and see where we are at. 

What is the state of your car currently?

It’s completely stripped and I already figured out what I needed to order for parts. Just have to put it back together. 

What race are you looking forward to the most in 2013?

Probably the International 500 at Airborne and Thunder Road’s Milk Bowl.  Just a lot of good cars and great competition. I really enjoy that part, it makes it that much more exciting.

What was the highlight of the 2012 year for you?

Probably winning the last Vermont State Championship race at Devil’s Bowl.  It was great to win the race.  A little bittersweet that we were a point shy of the championship, but it’s always nice to win.  

Do you have a hero? Someone you idolize as a racecar driver or try to emulate?

I would say Mark Martin.  He’s always around, and he is consistent and clean.  He’s successful even though he’s never won the big championship. 

What is something about you that most people don’t know?

I won the state championship for VT State for 250cc Motocross in 84 and 85, I believe.  When my dad was off racing cars me and Jean Paul Cyr were very good friends and we traveled all summer together for years.    We both raced motorcycles his parents took us wherever we needed to go. 

How did you start racing?

My Mom and Dad went with me the last year I was going to wrap up the championship, and they saw a kid crash there and get hurt pretty badly.  My father said, “You need get out of this motorcycle racing business and get in to cars!” So I actually bought Gary Caron’s racecar that he had won the championship in that summer, and started racing in 1986. 

Tell me about your family?

My wife is probably the most supportive person you could ever ask for.  Most people don’t realize I do most of the work myself on the race car and I’m out in the garage pretty much every single night. She’s really good about that.  She loves racing as much as I do.  Our 28-year old son travels with us a little bit, he is definitely into being around the races.  He works for a plumbing and heating company.  My daughter just recently turned in her crown as Miss Vermont.  She owns her own hair salon up in Stowe.  My cat Max is also very supportive.  He is with us every week with the motor home.  He is very popular in the pits and weighs 20 lbs.  He hasn’t missed many meals!  I never liked cats until I met max, but we became attached.  Wherever I go he goes.