Unbuckled: Getting To Know Etienne Cliche

Thursday, January 10 2013 @ 10:49 AM EST

Contributed by: ACT Staff

Unbuckled: Getting To Know Etienne Cliche

Driver of the #98 Choi 98.1 Ford

Hometown: Vallee-Jonction, QC

2012: Serie ACT Castrol Rookie of the Year, 11th in Overall Standings

What are your favorite hobbies in the off-season?

I love to downhill ski in the winter. That is definitely my favorite thing to do.  I also do a lot of reading during the off-season.  It is my time to catch up on my favorite hobbies.

What do you do for work?

I am a mechanical engineer for CFR. I mostly work with robotics and custom fabrication machinery. 

 What is your biggest life accomplishment?

I would say my biggest life accomplishment was when I built my own Asphalt Modified to race the Valenti Modified Racing Series.  In my second career race with the Series, I qualified 24th out of 32 cars for the race.  It felt very good to have done it in something I built myself.

Big Plans for 2013?

I really want to get in the top five in the championship points on the Série ACT Castrol.  I am shooting for a top three in at least a few races, but I also have the goal of getting my first ACT win.

What is the state of your car currently?

The car is in very good shape.  It is almost completely rebuilt, and will be all ready for 2013.

What race are you looking forward to the most in 2013?

I am most looking forward to the Sanair 150 at Sanair Super Speedway, and I would like to go to the Bond Auto ACT Invitational at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

What was the highlight of the 2012 season for you?

Being Rookie of the Year on the Série ACT Castrol Tour was definitely the highlight.  That was a big honor. 

Do you have a hero? Someone you idolize as a racecar driver or try to emulate?

NASCAR Champion Brad Keselowski is my hero, I think.  I love his driving style, and he proves that young guys can run strong and win!

Who is your biggest fan at the track?

My mom is definitely my biggest fan at the races every week.  Other than her, I would say it is Claude Labbé

What is something about you that most people don’t know?

I am very ambitious with my goals in racing and outside of racing, but I also have a lot of perseverance.  I work very hard towards my goals, and I am not a quitter. 

How did you start racing?

At eight years old, I started my racing career in karting actually.  Only last year did I start racing ACT Late models on the Series ACT Castrol.  

Tell me about your family?

They are stock car racing fanatics. It is so great to have so much support from them.  They are all as into the sport as I am and have helped me to be where I am today.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

Really, I would like to race for a living.  Right now it is a hobby of mine, but like I said, I am an ambitious person and I am dedicated, and I could see myself racing for a living in five years time.