500 Fever: Reason #10

500 Fever


 (over the next four weeks leading up to the ‘500’ weekend there will be two or three ‘top ten’ reasons to be excited about this event---check back often over the next few weeks and you too will catch  the ‘500 Fever’ ----) 


-The ACT INTERNATIONAL ‘500’ was introduced as a result of the loss for ACT Late Models of one of the nation’s greatest short track events, the Oxford 250.

[Think of it this way, you have three kids, two toddlers and a pre-teen. If Christmas was eliminated from your family’s holiday schedule, more than likely you would find something of equal excitement and value to replace it! Damn the Grinch who tries to steal Christmas]

That is it!! Plain and simple! A special event to replace the loss of the ‘250’ for the ACT legal Late Model teams throughout the Northeast states, Quebec and Ontario.

When the 70-100 ACT legal Late Model teams who supported the ‘250’ for the past five years learned that they would no longer have that event to look forward to, that was the genesis of having a big race for those ACT teams who have supported ACT Late Model racing over the past decade and a half.


When the recruiting and rules change movement was announced to convert the Late Models into a more expensive Super Late Model type division began in earnest, shortly after the ‘250’ announcement, it was very apparent that the ‘Grinch’ was definitely trying to steal Christmas and also setting sights for a complete takeover!! What’s a guy to do?!?! After nearly two decades of work to build a premiere weekly Late Model division and two touring divisions, it was time to battle back and put your money where your mouth is! ACT has the confidence in the teams and fan base of ACT that there is room for another major midsummer event, albeit the venues are 6 hours away from each other, which certainly makes it viable.

This race is the beginning of many ‘MONEY SHOWS’ for the ACT Late Model competitors. Major events in the region will begin after the ‘500’. SANAIR Super Speedway will start the money season; the CAN-AM 200 will follow to finish out the summer; Thunder Road’s Labor Day Classic 200 will begin the late Summer run into Fall; the traditional 300 at Ste Eustache, QC; the BOND AUTO INVITATIONAL at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway; the Fall Foliage 200 back at Airborne; and finally, the 51st annual Milk Bowl at Thunder Road will complete the second half of “Money Shows”.