500 Fever: Reason #9

Thursday, June 27 2013 @ 09:05 AM EDT

Contributed by: ACT Staff

500 Fever


 (over the next four weeks leading up to the ‘500’ weekend there will be two or three ‘top ten’ reasons to be excited about this event---check back often over the next few weeks and you too will catch  the ‘500 Fever’ ----)

# 9 in the ‘TOP 10 Reasons to be excited about the ACT International 500

 Listen--there are a lot of great short tracks in the Northeast.  If you like high speed…door- banging, three-wide ACT Late Model action in your racing—you will not be disappointed in Airborne Speedway in Plattsburgh, NY.

 If you like the ground-pounding headline Modified division at Airborne Speedway, with heats, and Twin Monza-style features, you will not be disappointed on the weekend of July 20-21. Over 30 of the best Asphalt Dirt Modified teams from New York, Vermont and Quebec are expected to race in the biggest race of the year for these ‘mud-slingers’ turned fancy and “wild fast”!!

There are several reasons why we chose Airborne’s fast half mile to host the inaugural ACT International 500:

             1. First, ACT has a great relationship with the present owners, which includes long-time racer and friend, promoter Mike Perrotte, so that made the decision pretty easy.

             2. Airborne is one of the most historic tracks in the country.  She is over 60 years old;      originally a very long ½ mile from back in the 50’s until the mid 80’s, when it was turned    into a 1/3rd mile dirt track.  ACT purchased the track in 1990 and turned it back to a             small ½ mile’ and operated it for 14 years.  The current promoter, Mike Perrotte, with a       partner, leased the track and eventually purchased it along with Steve Fuller, a well- know contractor in the North Country of New York.  Present owners Jamie & Shirley        Atkins and Mike Perrotte are both big supporters of Perrotte’s Asphalt Dirt     Modified creation and of ACT Late Models.  The marriage between ACT and Airborne            made for an easy decision to bring the biggest event in the 27-year history of the   American Canadian Tour to Airborne Speedway in Plattsburgh.

             3. Forget the fluff…the newly designed ½ mile at Plattsburgh is really one of the best race tracks for ACT Late Models in the Northeast.  Here’s why:

                         The progressive banking just begs for two and three wide racing—

                        The new walls and fencing are state of the art for short tracks--

                        The facility has a seating capacity for over 5,000 with great sight lines –

                        There is a terrific grassed camping area ---

                        Kids can ride the specially built state of the art Go Kart Track adjacent to the race track day and night---

                        The Lighting is superb –

                        Pits are large enough to hold over 150 cars ---

                        Great tower, PA system, press room and suites—

                        Clean rest rooms---

                        Affordable concession with excellent food and choices--


            4. One of the biggest factors in choosing Airborne for the inaugural ‘500’ is the location. The event, and it will be an event,---with camping, fireworks, barbecues, bands, over 150 race cars --- BUT really, besides the great racing, the best reason is that we can serve three (3) of the most enthusiastic and important fan bases that ACT teams and Modified teams come from.


·         1}  PLATTSBURGH, NY is the largest city in what is known as the ‘NORTH COUNTRY’

·         LOTS OF RESTAURANTS AND MAJOR  SHOPPING MALLS CLOSE BY-- [forget about it guys—but come on, if you’re bringing the wife, girlfriend or what- evah, a little break 10 minutes from the track might be the hook for “hey honey, let’s go spend the next two days at a race track”!! Give em a break c’mon---] The regular fan base in the greater Plattsburgh area is very supportive of the Modifieds and beginning to enjoy the annual stops by the ACT Late Model competitors.

·         2} QUEBEC For both the ACT teams and AIRBORNE Quebec Modifieds it is a natural. Everyone knows that the Quebec fans are some of the most loyal and passionate short track fans in North America --- Airborne is less than an hour from Montreal and just about 3 and a half hours from the Quebec City market.

·         3} VERMONT is the third major race market in close proximity to Airborne. Just two hours from Thunder Road in Barre and its fan base, just about an hour and ½ from Devil’s Bowl and the second largest city in Vermont, Rutland, and of course, only about an hour from the greater Chittenden County which includes Burlington, VT.

·         Hey, ACT still has fans from Maine and lots from New Hampshire—here is the best (or worst) idea ---tell the family you are taking them on a cruise to cut down the driving time. [Suggest you don’t mention the ‘cruise’ will be on a Lake Champlain Ferry out of Grand Isle, just north of Burlington and it only takes 15 minutes to cross]. But the slight disappointment will be gone when they hear the engines fire for what will certainly be one of the great and most unique races you will attend this year.

 Airborne Speedway in Plattsburgh on the weekend of July 20-21 will not disappoint you.  It should be fun and the racing will be wild and intense.  See you there.



 # 8

COSTS—TICKETS—TIRES--SCHEDULE (check back often over the next four weeks leading to the ‘500’ and you will get lots more reasons to plan your JULY 20-21 summer weekend with us at Airborne Speedway in Plattsburgh, NY!!)