500 Fever - Reason #2 - The Odds




# 2.  32 ENTRANTS WITH A SHOT AT $25,000...!!!

By now anybody reading this must be wondering who the hell is this Boritus? (Slickapedia description: a know-it-all, who never deals in facts, is arrogant beyond belief, negative beyond description, rather rotund, balding, never clean shaven, beady eyed [never trust a beady eyed], and pretty much a miserable, worthless, middle-aged jealous troll]?? This guy, who lives with his mother, changes jobs during his mid-life crisis, because he is so miserable, has become a long truck hauler because nobody can stand to be around him, and so he can eat at truck stops across the country, thinks his racing career was similar to Jr Hanley’s in terms of credibility, but in reality he was a back-marker with lousy equipment and virtually no skill—but too ignorant to admit it. He spends most of his time in rest areas blogging or chat rooms spewing negativity about anybody and anything racing, which he never gets factually correct------

---what better guy to call on than Boritus to list 32 of the entries who have a shot at winning the Late Model portion of the International 500 this weekend!!! (In no particular order)


·         32vt - Jean Paul CYR—this seven-time ACT champ seems to be getting a handle on his program in 2013. He has some podium finishes this season and is currently third in Thunder Road points, only 10 points out of the lead for his second “King of the Road” title in the past five seasons. Cyr also has lots of seat time at Airborne, winning 4 ACT Tour events. A tenacious competitor---ODDS 3-1...

·         55vt - Brent Dragon—perhaps nobody has more laps at Airborne than this (3)-time Airborne Champion. Dragon is one of the most respected racers of all time, and that will come in handy in this first ever three segment race at the fast ½ mile. It takes consistency to win a ‘Milk Bowl’ type event, and nobody is more consistent in a race car than Dragon…if he doesn’t win it all, put your money that he will be in the top three----ODDS 2-1


·         40qc - David Michaud—David was very impressive in his only 2013 appearance at Chaudiere this month. From last on the starting grid to a podium finish!! This at a ¼ mile rough and tumble bullring. Most impressive was not even a tire mark on the car. Michaud is a hard charger, but seems to have the right attitude to make him a serious contender for a solid effort at Airborne---ODDS 5-1


·         97nh - Joey Pole—How can you pick against this kid. Three in a row on the ACT US Tour this season. He has won a Fall Foliage at Airborne, a Milk Bowl at T-Road so he knows the pressure of a ‘Milk Bowl style’ event. This is high pedigree. Big Joe is his biggest fan and nobody right now is any better at getting the car prepped. This will become invaluable. You might as well bet the motherload on the 97nh, he has as good a chance as anybody in the field---ODDS 5-4


·         77ma - Jimmy Linardy—Jimbo is probably the # 1 pick of Boritus, but in spite of that, he is a pit favorite. Every team admires his dedication to ACT, his respectful racing and who doesn’t love a MacTavish Award winner from Somerville, MA, home of the “Winter Hill Gang”!! Jimbo may not win the Big One, but if he gets into the International, you can bet he will finish--- long odds but take a few quid out and place it on Whitey Bolger’s favorite neighbor---ODDS 15- maybe 25-1..what the hell, tip your hat to him..


·         34nh - Todd Davis—Plagued by equipment failure, you can’t bet against this newcomer to the Tour based on his race at Star Speedway. Talk about peaking at the right time! If he can shake the monkey off his back with engine and equipment woes…Todd Davis is the real deal. This is an old-fashioned racer with only a ½ year of touring, but 100 laps should suit his style---can he put three together?---ODDS 7-1


·         88vt - Nick Sweet—This two-time Thunder Road Champion is one of the best young talents to come around in the past decade or two. He knows how to win Tour races, with three wins as a part-time Tour competitor. One of his greatest assets is a very dedicated team. His dad is a well-respected part of the ACT crew chief group and in a segment race the crew can be as important as the driver. Sweet has raced lots of Milk Bowls so he knows the deal. Smooth, fast, conservative, smart…all the ingredients that make him a favorite to win the inaugural International…ODDS  2-1


·         7nc - Ben Lynch – If steady and consistent are going to rule the day on Sunday, this youngster has a real chance for success. A solid start to the season, Lynch has impressed from his opening day 6th place finish in the opening event at Lee USA. Super competitive and one of a number of rising stars at ACT, Lynch will only be hampered from lack of experience at Airborne, and segment racing will also be new to him, but talent wise, watch out…if you are in a top ten pool…put his name on your list…ODDS 8-1


·         60vt - Derrick O’Donnell—The former Thunder Road Tiger Champion has taken the Late Model division by storm. In his first Late Model outing ever at Riverside Speedway in the Fall Brawl, he surprised a stellar field with a $5,000 win. Competing part-time at ACT Tour events this season proves that O’Donnell has become a threat wherever he shows up. A ‘take no prisoner’ approach may make for a risky three segment win, but long time observers will tell you that also is what wins Milk Bowl events!!! Watch out...ODDS 5-1


·         41qc - Jonathan Bouvrette—This is another SERIE ACT competitor who can be a threat whenever he races. A brand new Crazy Horse chassis was just what the doctor ordered to make this team a top contender on the Série ACT. With Airborne experience under his belt, Jonathan might be a real good bet to have a top finish…ODDS 8-1 


·         50me - Jeff White—Gotta love this team’s chances. Talk about independent and old school. Just loves to race, and knows how to win. The Winthrop, ME team will have to have the car stay healthy, but no problem with the driver, as he can wheel it. First time at Airborne earlier this year he ran with the field for the full 100. If he can get to the third segment as a contender, could surprise a lot of people…ODDS 8-1


·         17ri - Ray Parent—Money racer. This team comes to win, forget about point chasing. The defending champion of the BOND Auto Invitational at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway last September has one of the most dedicated crews in the ACT system. They set a goal to win the Invitational, and they did it. If they prepare the car for the International, there is no question that Parent can drive it for three segments. There is only the lacking of ‘Milk Bowl’ kind of racing that might keep him from a top three finish. No stranger to pressure. This veteran of the Seekonk Pro Stocks could match his trophy case with an International trophy beside the Invitational trophy…ODDS 3-1


·         91qc - Patrick Laperle—“The Grand Laperle” is coming ‘home’ to Plattsburgh to win. His legion of fans on both sides of the border will be out in force to see this 20-year veteran win the $25,000!! Laperle began his racing career at Airborne over 20 years ago. A 3-time Série ACT Champion, a US ACT Champion, a combined 35 race winner with 5 wins at Airborne. Wow this guy has to be a favorite to win. Add to this his three wins in four years at the Milk Bowl and what can you say---a winner. A fan knows that this team will leave it all on the “ice”—in fact, they will be the first to ‘drop the gloves on the ice’. If there is one little glitch, it is that this team has not raced much in 2013, long time fans will say ‘so what?’...I agree…ODDS 6-5


·         68vt - Brooks Clark—Thunder Road’s home grown racer has come into his own in 2013. Clark has a win and nearly two this season and has now gotten credentials as one of the most competitive and respected racers at Thunder Road. Limited Tour experience, but not limited long distance racing experience at Thunder Road events should neutralize that going against the 68vt team at the 500. This race is designed for a racer like Clark. Steady, reliable, smooth and takes care of his equipment. His enthusiastic team will keep him in the hunt and if he is positioned going into the third segment…don’t bet against him. He also has a cool spotter which improves his odds dramatically!…ODDS 5-1


·         19qc - Dany Trepanier—Coming off his SERIE ACT win at Riverside Speedway in St Croix, QC last Saturday night, Dany is fast, confident, and showing signs that he is ready to join the fight with Theetge, Déry, Cliche and Labbe for the remainder of the season. No doubt Trepanier can drive a race car, the question is like with all the other competitors, can he pick his spots in the segments to put him in a position to win. The answer is yes. The win on Saturday was a two segment race of 75 laps on a 5/8ths mile track. He had challenges from all the front runners in the SERIE ACT and met the challenge to win by a single point. This time it might be for $25,000.00…ODDS 4-1


·         02nh - Randy Potter—This independent veteran racer, and former ACT regular is a sure bet to be a contender at Airborne. Perhaps his biggest disappointment over the past few years was leading the Fall Foliage at Airborne with a five car advantage and just a few laps to go and it slipped away. Time for redemption. Potter and his crew are a veteran bunch. He can race any style, with anybody---want to take the gloves off…Potter’s your man…want to get on top of the wheel, he can do that too, if you like experience you get that with the package. Need a celebration party nobody does it better than the 02nh crew!! Put your money on this pick…ODDS 3-1


·         37vt – Brian Hoar—Rick Paya and the RPM team have been waiting patiently for the return of the 8-time Champion. It got so bad at the 37vt headquarters in Georgia, VT that Andrew has been traveling to Quebec and US-based races just to keep in race shape!! Well, hang on Joey Pole, Wayne Helliwell, Patrick Laperle and a host of others—HE’s BAAAAACCKKKK! Brian Hoar is without question a force to be reckoned with when he straps into a race car. His record speaks for itself, and after 20+ years he is an even fiercer competitor than in his younger years. What is dangerous is that he is also having fun at it. Three (3) time Milk Bowl winner; seven (7) time Airborne winner…taking five or six weeks off you might think he may have lost a tick on the clock…forget about it…this is his kind of race and equally important his race team’s kind of race…the odds don’t favor the bettor so bring a stash so you can at least make some dough…the top dogs are in for a fight—ODDS 8-7


·         44vt - David Pembroke – Mr. Smooth and steady. The 44vt team doesn’t do much touring these days, but in the day they were as competitive as they have been for a decade at Thunder Road, rarely finishing out of the top three year to year. This two-time Milk Bowl winner also knows how to play this three segment format like Pavarotti could sing Nessum Dorma. This two-time Thunder Road Champion is sure to be a contender…put your money down and don’t be disappointed—ODDS 4-1


·         21qc - Jean-Francois Déry – Maybe the hardest charger to show up on the Canadian side of the border since Laperle 20 years ago. Déry is a contender to win every time he sits behind the wheel of a race car. His cars are fast and he has one of the best crew chiefs in the business with Gabriel Drouin turning the wrenches. Déry is always in the title hunt at the Série ACT, is a top contender at New Hampshire Motor Speedway and is as comfortable at ¼ mile tracks as he is at the faster long tracks. He has 9 wins and won as recently as June this year at Riverside Speedway. Nobody should bet against Déry to pick up a win as he is a finisher and closer…$25K could cross the border with this personable racer…ODDS 3-1


·         28me-  Rowland Robinson, Jr. – Jr., as his mom calls him is without a doubt the best surprise of the 2013 season. His consistent top runs have placed him in a solid top ten spot and it would not surprise anyone to see him win a race this year. The family team is one of the most respected teams on the US Tour. They are true racers. This 500 race is made for this team. If Jr. can stay out of trouble, don’t be surprised to see him a top five candidate in the overall, and a podium finish is certainly within reason. If the International is won with a score well into the teens, which is a real possibility, expect Robinson in his new Distance car to be a contender…it would definitely be a favorite from the pit side of the crowd!!! ODDS 5-1


·         17ma – Eddie MacDonald – This K&N regular takes time out once in a while to race the American Canadian Tour. Recently, he brought the Petersen Chevrolet to an ‘Eddie Mac’ type top finish at Star Speedway. Steady and super competitive, the “Outlaw” moved quietly through the field and was challenging the leader when the checkers flew. This race is his kind of methodical move ahead; take what you can get race. His crew, led by Rollie Lachance, is one of the best in preparation, and that is what wins the ‘Milk Bowl style’ events…give your driver the best car possible each segment…watch out for the 17ma….ODDS 2-1


·         48qc – Alex Labbe – This is an interesting pick. The Larue Industrial team is one of the most experienced on either side of the border. Brothers Louis and Denis picked Andre Beaudoin, a long-time racer turned crew chief to help them get to the winner’s circle with Karl Allard. They hand pick young Alex Labbe, a talented, aggressive and very competitive racer to take over the helm. Solid performances in the first half of the season on the Série ACT, Labbe will be given a great ride…it will be up to him to keep it whole and position himself in the third segment to push the gas for the final run to the podium…this team may be the biggest surprise of the day this Sunday …ODDS 6-1


·         89vt – Scott Payea – This is a true ‘gentleman racer’. Well-respected for his style, don’t underestimate this veteran. He has long distance experience, Airborne experience, and Milk Bowl experience. His Chris Companion-led team is steady as the Rock of Gibraltar…he is the Tuukka Rusk (all the Canadians will know who this Boston Bruin goal tender is) of the short tracks. If you have an extra $10 spot, pick a sucker and put down the bet, cause your odds are going to be good going with Scott Payea…ODDS 3-1


·         80qc – Donald Theetge – Theetge has been the most durable racer in Quebec for nearly 30 years. He has the all-time win record of 20 wins, he leads the current points, he is a two-time Série ACT Champion. His team is one of the best in the business and his rivalry in events with Laperle, Lacombe, Allard and Déry has become legendary in Quebec. From racing at Airborne in the Pro Stock years to recent years, his experience should make him a favorite…ODDS 2-1


·         5vt – Bobby Therrien – You have to have a Rookie in the running for the biggest race of the year. Talk about peaking at the right time. Coming off his first ACT Late Model win at the White Mountain Motorsport Park rain make up last Saturday night, Therrien didn’t just win—he smoked ‘em!! This former Thunder Road Tiger Champion is taking charge of the opportunity that Dave Parker and Pete Duto of FastOne Motorsports have given him. Steady improvement has him positioned to have a great second half of the season. He has some experience at Airborne, and perhaps his greatest secret weapon is the advice of 30-year veteran, Bucko Branham, one of the most popular and winningest drivers ever at Airborne. Bobby has a real chance to have a great finish---that will be key-- to finish. He loves the competition and in the true fashion of some of the great drivers loves to ‘get up on the wheel’, but he also has to keep the bigger picture in mind---three solid segments, getting positioned for the third segment and then let it all loose ---he can do it and the smile is infectious---ODDS 10-1


·         11qc - Claude Leclerc – The wiley old veteran is driving like he was 25 years old again. This ageless vet is in the top ten in the Serie ACT point standings. A 35-year veteran who started at Catamount Stadium, he has raced just about every kind of short track stock car race. Airborne will suit his style as it is fast and wide and the three hundred laps will be a ‘walk in the park’ for this “Ironman of ACT”. If Claude Leclerc finishes the season out and comes to the year-ending race at Thunder Road for the Milk Bowl, that will be his 500th NASCAR North/ACT start---an unbelievable record…lots of senior citizens will be rooting for the 11qc on Sunday---ODDS 7-1


·         58vt – Jimmy Hebert—It took a year to get Jimmy Hebert wound up, but what a year it has been. His new Dale Shaw car gave him a boost, and a shock to the competition, with an opening day win at Lee USA Speedway in April. It proved to be no fluke. Hebert has been a consistent challenger in every event to date. Even when plagued with flats, broken parts, he has fought back to have impressive finishes---there is definitely a story in here when it comes to a segment race. This team could win this event with a low score, they seem to have everything going their way and Jimmy is very strong at the long tracks. Airborne is one of his favorites…make your bet on the 58vt…ODDS 3-1


·         5qc – Patrick Cliche—In 2012 Patrick Cliche started to break out. In 2013 he has been outstanding. Three of the four races to date the 5qc team has led or challenged the leader and positioned for wins. Without question, Cliche is a rising star in Quebec racing. A very respectful and very competitive racer, he certainly would not be a surprise winner of the $25,000.00, but would be a welcomed winner by all. His racing program is on a roll and this just might be the smartest bet you can make at the 500. Stick a few ‘loonies’ on the Cliche Racing #5qc---ODDS 4-1


·         31nh – Luke Hinkley – Fast! Luke has been fast in his new Crazy Horse ride all season long. There have been good finishes and bad finishes, but always fast during some part of the day. It would not be unexpected to see the 31nh break out at the 500…Hinkley takes very good care of his equipment in a race, is a master at risk/reward and has lots of the ingredients it takes to win a segment race. I would find some gambler that just wants to spend his money and at least bet on a top 5 for this first year Tour racer…there is always a sucker in the crowd!!...ODDS 7-1


·         9vt – Chip Grenier—Ok you ‘Bud Hill’ Bandits –get your quarters out…the old Chipster is in town. This guy is something! About as independent as you can get, Chip just loves to race. He is competitive, knowledgeable, and understands from years of Thunder Road racing how a Milk Bowl is won and lost from watching many and racing in a few. There is nobody who would not be happy to see the 9vt ring the bell in the last round. Chip will have to play nice and be a bit more conservative than he is used to in the first two segments, but if he has positioned himself, bar the door, put the kids to bed, and pop a cool one for Chipster---he just made himself $25 grand!! Oh MY---ODDS 5-1


·         71on – Dan McHattie – This likeable Ontario native was one of the best Late Model racers at Kawartha Speedway. He has been very impressive in his years running the Invitational at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, and now he has a chance to experience a ‘Milk Bowl’ style event at Airborne. McHattie is consistent and would not surprise those who know him if he pulled off a top three in this event. Get to know him in the pits, give him a hand in the 500, and tip a Molson with him in victory lane—you’ll enjoy the company!! ODDS 8-1


·         27nh - Wayne Helliwell – The defending ACT Champion has taken to the ACT US Tour like Ali took on Joe Frazier. He battled Brian Hoar to take over the Championship title, he battles Joey Pole in just about every race he is in, and Jimmy Hebert has given him fits, but look who still sits on top of the point standings going into this off weekend for both tours. Just for fun and car owner ‘Uncle Brucie’ ol Wayne will show up at Airborne this weekend, and you can go to the bank on it that the 27nh will be in the mix of things… ODDS 5-4

 If you can’t get excited about seeing Wayne Helliwell, Brian Hoar, Brent Dragon, Joey Pole, Jimmy Hebert and Patrick Laperle, JF Dery and 33 other drivers duke it out for a unique 300 laps of beating and banging short track racing , you best find a good re-run of Little House on the Prairie and take your meds, then go to bed early!!!

500 Fever is for real this weekend----come to Plattsburgh and Catch the Fever----