ACT Stat Attack

Monday, December 23 2013 @ 09:30 AM EST

Contributed by: ACT Staff

Stat Attack
All stats are from ACT US Late Model point counting events only.

·         133 different drivers attended at least one of the 14 events in 2013.

·         121 of those drivers qualified for at least one event.

·         682 different drivers have now attempted to qualify for at least one of the 247 events run since the inception of the ACT Late Model Tour in 1992.

·         536 different drivers have now started a feature event.

·         34 drivers started their first feature in 2013.

·         Eric Chase (104) and Joey Polewarczyk, Jr. (100) made their 100th career starts in 2013.

·         8 different drivers led the first laps of their careers. (Brockton Davis, Todd Davis, Travis Fadden, Dave Farrington, Jr., Ray Parent, Rowland Robinson, Jr., Travis Stearns, Bobby Therrien)

·         156 different drivers have now led at least one lap in ACT competition.

·         Jimmy Hebert, Therrien, Alex Labbe and Stearns all earned their first career ACT wins.

·         Therrien and Stearns join Jamie Fisher (1999) and Ryan Moore (2 – 2002) as the only drivers to score wins in their rookie seasons.

·         69 different drivers have now won an ACT feature.

·         Polewarczyk (11) became just the fourth driver to earn 10 ACT wins. (Brian Hoar 39, Jean-Paul Cyr 19, Patrick Laperle 18)

·         10 different drivers earned their first career top five finishes.

·         155 different drivers have now earned at least one career top five.

·         14 different drivers earned their first career top ten finishes.

·         244 different drivers have now scored at least one career top ten.

·         The top five money earners (doesn’t include point fund or special events) for the year were: 1. Polewarczyk ($23,710), 2. Wayne Helliwell, Jr. ($21, 905), 3. Hebert ($17,630), 4. Hoar ($15,205), 5. Stearns ($14,055).

·         The 14 ACT events averaged 29.6 cars.

·         The top five lap leaders for 2013 were: 1. Helliwell (495), 2. Polewarczyk (230), 3. Dave Pembroke (207), 4. Ray Parent (199), 5. Hebert (195)

·         Therrien led the most laps in a single event when he won the White Mountain event and led 148 of the 150 laps.

·         Polewarczyk earned the most wins with 3.

·         Polewarczyk and Helliwell earned the most top fives with 10.

·         Helliwell and Hebert earned the most top tens with 13.

·         Helliwell and Polewarczyk were the only drivers to complete all 2,158 laps run in 2013. Ben Lynch was next with 2,153. They were also the only three drivers that started all 14 events and didn’t have a DNF.

·         Those 2,158 laps total up to 892.5 miles.

·         ACT competitors racked up a total of 22,640 combined miles in 2013.

·         The longest distance race was the Sanair event at 129.775 miles.

·         The shortest distance events were the April Thunder Road race, Riverside NH, Star Speedway and White Mountain events at 37.5 miles.

·         There were a total of 84 lead changes in 2013. That averages out to one every 25.7 laps.

·         The most lead changes in an event were 11 at both the Riverside NH race and the Sanair race.

·         There were a total of 108 cautions (including 4 for rain) this season. That averages out to one every 19.98 laps.

·         The White Mountain event in July had the fewest cautions of the season with 1.

·         The Riverside St-Croix event in August set the record for the most cautions ever in a single event with 19. The previous record was 18 also at Riverside St-Croix back in 2002.

·         The 14 events were completed in a combined 18 hours, 38 minutes and 8 seconds.

·         The shortest race of the season was the Airborne event in May that was 40 minutes and 19 seconds.

·         The longest race of the season was Riverside St-Croix event which was 2 hours, 41 minutes and 11 seconds. It was less than a minute shy of setting the record for the longest ACT race in history. The record is 2:42:08 at Sanair in 2006.

·         Brian Hoar had the best average finish of the season with a 3.28 in his 7 starts.

·         Helliwell (4.5) edged Polewarczyk (4.8) for best average finish of those with more than 7 starts.

·         Helliwell gained the most positions in a single event in 2013 by gaining 21 spots (24th to 3rd) in the Sanair event.