Serie ACT Stat Attack

Wednesday, January 15 2014 @ 01:44 PM EST

Contributed by: ACT Staff

Stat Attack
All stats are from Série ACT (Quebec) Late Model point counting events only.

·         51 different drivers attended at least one of the 11 events in 2013.

·         All 51 of those drivers qualified for at least one event.

·         206 different drivers have now attempted to qualify for at least one of the 75 events run since the inception of the Série ACT in 2007.

·         171 different drivers have now started a feature event.

·         8 drivers started their first feature in 2013.

·         3 different drivers led their first laps of Série ACT competition. (Martin Goulet, Jr., Glen Luce, Jimmy Hebert)

·         58 different drivers have now led at least one lap in Série ACT competition.

·         Patrick Cliche, Dany Trepanier, Jonathan Bouvrette and Jimmy Hebert all earned their first career Série ACT wins.

·         23 different drivers have now won a Série ACT feature.

·         Theetge (11) became just the second driver to earn 10 Série ACT wins. (Patrick Laperle 18)

·         2 drivers earned their first career Série ACT top five finishes (Etienne Cliche, Jimmy Hebert)

·         58 different drivers have now earned at least one career top five.

·         7 drivers earned their first career top ten finishes.

·         98 different drivers have now scored at least one career top ten.

·         The top five money earners (doesn’t include point fund or special events) for the year were: 1. Alex Labbe ($23,125), 2. Jean-François Déry ($22, 110), 3. Donald Theetge ($20,075), 4. Jonathan Bouvrette ($15,560), 5. Dany Trepanier ($14,625).

·         The 11 Série ACT events averaged 23.0 cars.

·         The top five lap leaders for 2013 were: 1. Déry (317), 2. Bouvrette (247), 3. Theetge (190), 4. Patrick Cliche (159), 5. Trepanier (155)

·         Bouvrette led the most laps in a single event when he won the St-Eustache 200 and led 140 of the 200 laps.

·         Déry, Labbe and Theetge earned the most wins with 2.

·         Déry earned the most top fives (9) and top tens (10).

·         Déry was the only driver to complete all 1,745 laps run in 2013. Etienne Cliche was next with 1,741.

·         Déry, E. Cliche, and Claude Leclerc were the only three drivers that started all 11 events and didn’t have a DNF.

·         The 1,745 laps total up to 898.5 miles (1,446.0 km).

·         Série ACT competitors racked up a total of 17,367.9 combined miles in 2013 (27,950.9 km).

·         The longest distance race was the Sanair event at 129.775 miles.

·         The shortest distance event was the July Montmagny race at 37.5 miles.

·         There were a total of 75 lead changes in 2013. That averages out to one every 23.3 laps.

·         The most lead changes in an event were 13 at the June Montmagny race.

·         There were a total of 100 cautions (including 1 for rain) this season. That averages out to one every 17.5 laps.

·         The St-Eustache and Montmagny events had the fewest cautions of the season with 4.

·         The Riverside St-Croix event in August had the third most cautions in a single event in Série ACT history with 19.

·         The 11 events were completed in a combined 17 hours, 39 minutes and 34 seconds.

·         The shortest race of the season was the Montmagny event in August that was 55 minutes and 31 seconds.

·         The longest race of the season was Riverside St-Croix event which was 2 hours, 41 minutes and 11 seconds. It was the third longest Série ACT race in history.

·         Déry had the best average finish of the season with a 4.27 in his 11 starts.

·         David Michaud gained the most positions in a single event in 2013 by gaining 23 spots (26th to 3rd) in the Chaudiere event.