2014 ACT Season Review Part 1

2014 American Canadian Tour Season Review


  • 2014 marked the 23rd season of the American Canadian Tour Late Models (1992-2014).
  • The 2014 season consisted of 9 point counting events, which brings the total to 256 ACT LM point counting events since 1992.
  • During the 9 events of 2014 a combined total of $213,175 was awarded to those starting the events. Add in the three special events of the year (ACT International, NHMS Bond Invitational and Thunder Road Milk Bowl) and that total balloons to $418,645 to the starters alone.
  • In the 9 point counting events there were an average of 30.7 starters with an average of 34.0 cars attempting to qualify.
  •  There were 8 different winners in the 9 events with ACT Champion Joey Polewarczyk, Jr. being the only repeat winner.
  • Polewarczyk became the 9th different ACT Champion in the 23 season history of the Late Model Tour.

  • Polewarczyk became the third youngest ACT LM Champion ever at the age of 25. (Brian Hoar age 21 in 1993 and Lance Ferno age 22 in 1995)
  • Polewarczyk had the best average finish ever for an ACT LM Champion with an average finish of 2.4.
  • Polewarczyk finished outside of the top three just twice in 9 events with fourth place efforts at Thunder Road and White Mountain.
  • 102 different drivers earned points in the 2014 season.
  • 97 different drivers had at least one start in 2014.
  • The ACT LMs are averaging 29.2 starters in the 256 events to date.
  •  If a driver would have completed every lap run in the 256 events to date, they would have run 32,955 laps for 12,150.9 miles.
  • There have been 1,682 cautions in the 256 laps, which averages out to a caution every 19.6 laps.
  • In 2014, the ACT LM Tour completed 1,364 laps for 550.7 miles.
  • There were 48 cautions in 2014, which averages out to a caution every 28.4 laps.
  •  The Riverside NH race in June was just the second time in ACT LM history that an event was completed without a single caution.
  • Just 3 times in the 9 events of 2014 did the driver leading the most laps go on to win the event. Ray Parent led 89 laps in his win at Airborne in May, Jeff White led 147 laps in his win at White Mountain in June and Nick Sweet led 117 laps in his Beech Ridge win in August.
  •  In 6 of the 9 events, a driver led more than 100 laps. Only twice did the driver leading 100+ laps go on to win the race (White 147 WMMP, Sweet 117 BR).
  • There were a total of 276 starters in the 9 events with 214 drivers on the track for the checkered flag. That means the average starters were 30.7 and the average number of cars on the track for the checkered flag were 23.8.
  • There were 2 first time point counting event winners in Ray Parent and Kyle Welch. That brings the total to 71 different drivers winning an ACT LM point counting event to date.

More coming soon in Part 2…..