The American Racer Three Star program will continue in 2016. The program is designed to recognize three teams in no particular order of performance that had outstanding races at ACT US Tour events. There are no specific criteria for deciding who might receive the award of a free American Racer Tire (value $125.00), but a special effort by a team, exceptional race, just plain old hard luck, or other accepted reason to give the award is used to decide the recipients.

The Three Stars are chosen by officials and winners will receive certificates for the use of a free American Racer tire at a future Tour race of their choosing during 2016.

The awarding of the stars does not allow for anybody in the top three to receive the recognition.


The first trip back to the famous “Cement Palace” turned out some of the best racing of the year, (Babb and Pole put on a clinic early, and Babb and Payea later duplicated the effort), Dillon Moltz had a great run to the front and others avoided all the yellows and carnage. The event was slowed by multiple cautions and a controversial ending. That said, when the event finally concluded at the very racy ¼ mile, there had been lots of great racing and the not-so-great racing was disappointing. There still was a clear choice for some American Racer Stars of the Race awards, and they were well earned and deserved.




150 LAPS


MARK HUDSON, Norton, MA— 82MA   This independent husband, wife and friend team are dedicated racers and improving their program every week. Mark Hudson started 20th and managed to avoid all the accidents and cautions during the race to post the team’s best finish of the season. These are the kinds of dedicated teams that make short track stock car racing successful. There have to be teams like the Mark Hudson 82MA team in order for any organization to be successful. The dedication, respectful racing, and plain love of the sport are all important ingredients that make this sport work for fans and other competitors. It is a good guess that there would be every larger team in the pits at a Tour event who would be found helping the 82ma team if they were in trouble, just out of respect for the effort they put in every week to enter and compete at the level of a traveling touring series. For their best effort of the 2016 season, the Hudson team receives a well-earned AR Star of the Week award for their Seekonk 14th place finish.


WAYNE HELLIWELL, Jr., Dover, NH—27NH— The three-time ACT Champion raced from a 19th starting spot to a fourth place finish. In the caution-filled event, it was a tough ride to avoid the numerous incidents and try and keep his car whole. The Bernhardt team are masters of keeping their championship hopes alive and Wayne did just that by taking all he could get and, as things turned out, finished ahead of his top five-point competition, other than the eventual winner Scott Payea. Wayne Helliwell, Jr. has a duffle bag full of experience, nobody races harder, nobody can be smoother, he will take the gloves off if conditions dictate, and if he takes the lead in a race, he is very unlikely to give it up without a 110% effort, even with a broken race car. For having the bigger picture in mind and understanding the conditions of the race, Wayne Helliwell, Jr. earns a Star of the Race Award for his efforts at Seekonk.


NICOLAS JOHNSON, Rehoboth, MA –6MA – This Star goes to a very impressive run by a first time ACT appearance. Just in his second season racing a Late Model weekly at Seekonk, Nicolas Johnson made a huge statement in qualifying and backed it up in the long and volatile 150 lap feature. Racing with the best of the ACT regular championship contenders all race long, from his starting position of 4th on the starting grid, Nicolas Johnson showed that he was a controlled and skilled young driver with lots of promise for the future. For what turned out to be the best effort from a local supporter of the race, it was an easy choice to have the 6ma receive an American Racer Star of the Race award.