But Caomeng fully estimated 2014-09-30 9:38:59 AM

??More than five hundred mileage into foe territory, at about ten a mile north-west regarding Yang Wu at Guandu, and fine a multi functional line battalion headquarters,but take heart after many a long time of preparation, Caomeng plus Guandu district has spots an all in one impregnable fortress-like fortifications, Yuan Shao shall by no means first stable frontline hollister ukdeployment, military logistics provide you isabel marant sneakers with cheap eyeglasses online the,hollister uk consequently Michael Kors Factory Outlet the war temporarily eased.

??Guandu lined both the mobile phone industry's regarding going to be the castle,bombarded allowing you to have smoke back and forth from going to be the castle,several mobile phone industry's fluttering in the spring having to do with flag, drill sergeant most of them are this war, this beast was temporarily forgotten.

??After that day,stay away from the the Wen Chou, Guan Yu also turn out to be to learn more about hear a group of people calling as well as for"younger brother"but take heart it was a multi functional battle holes sounds instantly drowned,but take heart Liu Bei, Guan Yu has been initially estimated at Yuan Shaojun,going to be the promises have already been later returning Guan Yu Chengri boredom, drinking they all are day boredom.

??Guan Yu bored,since they will be to have candle shadow carefully read going to be the history plans,suddenly I heard a multi function family member concerning mine visited Guan Ying providing some one the man entered the bed room,did never ever recognize going to be the man future years himself for more information regarding come:.! !"My some guy are Yuan Shao Chen Zhen" Guan Yu immediately realized that there are critical hollister uk too much information around right away wink to learn more about rent it out people leave Chan Chun pulled around town a secret letter back and forth from underwear to learn more about Guan Yu, Guan Yu candlelight fast read five times, shouted loudly:.! !"Brother!"

??------------ Chapter XIV Guandu Storm hero Liye () ------------

??The blood circulation"Qiewen live righteous heart, loyalty regardless dead group adolescence reading, coarse know righteousness,an idea claw sorrow, Bo Tao to the left things perhaps in no way about three sigh: tears welling tears thought out strategies scrubbed, Guan Gong hastily had written Pi also keep the tears before,is the fact that don't you think narrative millet out of the office if you don't have reinforcements;. want that Xiaosi, Chennai has resurrect Yisow to do with dare footer off going to be the first don't have caused on the basis of negative entrusted;.so restrain itself Seoul as well as going to be the time being that they are pending Cao Ying Caomeng I have to explore propriety,but take heart tends to not ever replace our brothers and about three touched the was going to be the brother having to do with going to be the faith today is this : like witnessing his hollister uk brother's bronchi and face, I look enchanting an opportunity resigned Caomeng face, Bong Sao are,but take heart Yu Huai dissent, God relating to Slaughter. Piganlidan , mulberry hard version damaging credit Zhanbai term life Fu Wei Chiu Kam.! !"Chen Zhen good night back.

??Psychological observation Caomeng melancholy regarding Guan Yu has already very clear that ugg boots uk he or she had learned that Liu Bei Yuan Shao into camp. Guan Yu has been established along with his outstanding goods and services,about whether or not all your family members are aware of that going to be the up to the minute whereabouts to do with Liu Bei,are generally fixed troopers away, But Caomeng fully estimated,don't you think matter what, Guan Yu will do not ever come to away, sometimes as well as for don't you think reason at Caomeng mind pouring an all in one wicked idea: Liu Bei This large ears are going to want have famous eight!

??After Chengri uneasy Caomeng made the whereabouts about Liu Bei, Guan Yu has been an all in one investigate,sent by mail Zhang Liao recovering both to and from injury to understand more about temptation Guan Yu.

??Zhang Liao commanded based on Caomeng, entered going to be the room salute: "I heard going to be the hollister uk statement his brother had Xuande, especially today,to educate yourself regarding congratulate all your family members Guan Yu surprised: the reason is Wenyuan how to deal with are aware of that said Zhang Liao Parajumpers Online Shop big event hurry hurry: "That day along with Yanjin clash with Wen Chou, I witnessed Liu Xuan Wen Chou successor as well as in troops,it seems to me all your michael kors factory outlet family saw a resource box"

??Guan Yu, Zhang Liao has been clear that this matter not only can they no more time burrow and happens to learn more about are offered for more information about visit Liu Bei Chen Zhen secretly letters tell going to be the a young lad the things not only can they fall into Zhang Liao listen.

??Guan Yu, Zhang Liao listening for more information about talk,but take heart also raised going to be the issue simultaneously i have listed.

??"I saw how to cope Michael Kors Bags Outlet with be the case his brother?"

??Guan Yu said: "The three-day feast concerning a multi function small, five
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