ACT Announces New Triple Crown with Autodrome Chaudiere


After weeks of speculation regarding the future of the American-Canadian Tour (ACT) in Quebec, officials today announced a new ACT Triple Crown series in partnership with Vallée-Jct., QC’s Autodrome Chaudiere for the 2018 season. The partnership ensures that ACT will remain in the province while offering an exciting new event for teams and fans on both sides of the border.

 The flagship of the Triple Crown will be a 200-lap, $10,000-to-win Late Model event at Autodrome Chaudiere on Saturday, August 18. The event will be sanctioned by ACT and does not currently conflict with any events on the ACT U.S. or Quebec Late Model schedules.

 Any driver who enters the Autodrome Chaudiere event may combine their result with their two best results on the ACT Late Model Tour between now and August 18. This 3-race combination will make them eligible for the Triple Crown. There will be a separate point fund for the top overall finishers, which includes a $2,000 award for the Triple Crown champion. As such, a driver could pocket up to $12,000 at the August 18 event.

 “We think this is the best solution for keeping ACT in Quebec at the present time,” ACT co-owner Cris Michaud said. “We looked at a number of options for moving forward with the Série ACT season. But with other Late Model series already being formed, it would have created a situation where Quebec teams and fans felt like they were forced to choose between tours. We think it’s in their best interests to not make them choose.

 “Autodrome Chaudiere is going to be a great partner,” Michaud added. “They have already been very helpful to us. Their use of the ACT rules package in their weekly NASCAR Late Models makes them a perfect fit for us. We’re thrilled to be working with them this year and hopefully for many more years to come.”