Joint Statement from Thunder Road and ACT Regarding the 9/1 Labor Day Event

As many of you have heard by now, an accident occurred during qualifying for the Labor Day Classic event on Sunday, September 1. Near the end of a qualifying race, a car went over a retaining wall and struck two officials – one Thunder Road official and one American-Canadian Tour (ACT) official.

The news we’ve gotten so far about both officials is positive given the circumstances. One is being treated at Central Vermont Hospital in Vermont while the other is being treated at Dartmouth Medical Center in New Hampshire. Both sustained leg injuries as a result of the accident and continue to be evaluated. More information will be released as it becomes available.

At this time, we ask that everyone please show compassion for the officials and drivers involved in the accident as well as the fans who witnessed it. Positive thoughts, prayers, and support are what is needed at this time.

An announcement will be made later this week regarding the completion of the Labor Day Classic program. We will look at our options and come to a decision that we believe is the best for everyone.


Cris Michaud & Pat Malone